NOLF Fellowship

Nordisk Otolaryngologisk Forening (NOLF)/Nordic Association of Otolaryngology wishes to support and develop the inter-Nordic cooperation.

Every 3rd year NOLF awards a fellowship of minimum of a 2-month length at an ORL department in a NOLF member state. A clinical stay will be given priority.

The objective is further education, skills acquisition and promotion of Nordic cooperation.

Applicants may apply for a residency of their own choice. The desired department or institution is contacted before the application and the applicant and the Institution agrees bilaterally.

A stay at clinical departments or research institutions is awarded.

The fellowship financially supports expenses during the stay and supports with up to 20.000 euro.

The applicant and the department in union must make the application for the fellowship.

The fellowship is awarded every third year in connection with the NOLF General Assembly and announced immediately after the Nordic Meeting.

The fellowship will be announced prior to the Nordic Meeting and is awarded provided a stable financial situation in the Association.


The applicant must provide proof of employment at an ORL department or research unit in one of the Nordic countries

The applicant shall submit documentation of medical education issued by the national authorities and be a member of the national otorhinolaryngological society.

A motivated application is forwarded and will be assessed by Nordic Board prior to the General Assembly.

The current ORL employment motivates the application.

Presentation from the stay arranged trough the fellowship must be presented at the next Nordic Meeting.

All nationalities are eligible and have the opportunity to apply.

A minimum stay of 2 month is accepted