NOLF Fellowship 

The Nordic Association of Otolaryngology wishes to support and develop inter-Nordic cooperation. In doing so, every third year, the association will award a fellowship of a minimum of 2 month stay at an ORL department or institution in one of the Nordic countries. The objective is to promote education, skill acquisition or research and contribute to inter-Nordic cooperation. 


Applicants may apply for a residency of their choice in another Nordic country than their own. The desired hosting department or institution is contacted and the applicant and the hosting department agree mutually on the fellowship and make the application in collaboration. The stay at the hosting departments or institution is awarded with a financial support of 20.000 euro.


The fellowship is awarded every third year in connection with the  General Assembly of the Nordic Association of Otolaryngology during its triannual congress, given a stable financial situation in the Nordic Association after the congress.




  • An application should be sent to the national society of the applicant before March 31st 2023 and include:
    • A plan for the stay stating the nature of the fellowship and in what way this will further personal education, skills acquisition and/or research. Not more than two pages. 
    • Letter of invitation from the hosting department.
    • Proof of employment and approval from the applicant’s current department/institution. 
    • A CV containing documentation of medical education/degrees.



  • All nationalities are eligible provided that they are currently working in an ORL department or research unit in a NOLF member state and are a member of the respective ORL national society.

  • The stay must be at least 2 months but may be longer.

  • A report from the stay shall be submitted to the next Nordic Board and a presentation of the results shall be given at the next congress of the Nordic Association of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

On behalf of the Nordic Board

Einar Hjaltested President NOLF